CONFIGURABLE This unit can have a combination of 4 hoses, 2 different grades and flow rates to suit your needs. It might be an Adblue dispenser and 80LPM diesel pump unit. Or a 110LPM Diesel dispenser and a 50LPM ULP Dispenser.

MULTIPLE CONCURRENT FILLING The unit has 4 separate filling points that can operate concurrently allowing drivers to fill up to 2 grades at the same time per side. For example a driver could fill low flow adblue and ultra high flow diesel at the same time with another user doing similar on the other side. 

BUILT TO LAST Amazing durability in harsh conditions, such as; extreme cold, heat, humidity and even sand-storm environments.

BRAND YOUR DISPENSER! Up to date styling and design is the first impression that counts when attracting customers. Through cleverly designed exterior construction customers will easily navigate the dispenser making it a positive, friendly experience for new and repeat customers. Your brand will also be maximised with greater real estate to brand your store on your dispensers.

SERVICING & UPDATES Routine maintenance and technology updates are a breeze, with easily configurable high performing electronic parts, specially designed filtering systems with built in

re-cleanable filter and flexible fuel systems to cater for petrol, diesel, LPG etc. Plus dispensers ability to function with power fluctuations and each unit has an

explosion-proof motor.

USABILITY Intuitive dispenser that provides security and privacy to assist customers overall experience.